Tim Rowell

My parents gave me a banjo and some lessons when I was twelve years old.  In the past 40+ years I’ve learned to make noise on a few other instruments- dulcimer, mandolin, ukulele, piano, didgeridu and would still love to learn more.  My main problem is, however, that when I go to pick up and instrument to play or practice, I reach for the banjo.  What is it about this instrument that encourages or demands this behavior?   This blog is banjo therapy for me and I hope to share some of my fascination with this unique, mostly American instrument.

Tim is an avid clawhammer banjoist, tune collector and educator.  Tim teaches a variety of instruments and ensembles at The Real School of Music in Burlington as well as privately in the Boston area. Tim has performed and recorded extensively with the bands Jubilee Mule and the Hi-Tone Ramblers.  Tim has taught banjo at Banjo Camp North, Fiddle Hell, Miles of Music and at various festivals in the Northeast.  Having garnered a bunch of contest ribbons he has shared some of the winning tunes in a series of four published books of banjo music.

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  1. Hi Tim!

    I heard John Reischman’s band play a version of Bell’s March last week and went looking for it on the web. I like your version better. Can you suggest where I might get the fiddle notation? I have invented a version by ear but I think it is missing a few salient notes.



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