Tim Rowell

My parents gave me a banjo and some lessons when I was twelve years old.  In the past 40+ years I’ve learned to make noise on a few other instruments- dulcimer, mandolin, ukulele, piano, didgeridu and would still love to learn more.  My main problem is, however, that when I go to pick up and instrument to play or practice, I reach for the banjo.  What is it about this instrument that encourages or demands this behavior?   This blog is banjo therapy for me and I hope to share some of my fascination with this unique, mostly American instrument.

I play banjo in the band Jubilee Mule and teach banjo at Minuteman Music Center in Lexington, Massachusetts.

One thought on “Tim Rowell”

  1. Hi Tim!

    I heard John Reischman’s band play a version of Bell’s March last week and went looking for it on the web. I like your version better. Can you suggest where I might get the fiddle notation? I have invented a version by ear but I think it is missing a few salient notes.



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