Stumptailed Dolly

Certain sights, sounds and smells trigger memories.  When I play this tune, I remember clearly when and where I played it for the first time: The Lake Genero Old Time Musicians’ Gathering in Pennsylvania.  Cathy Mason invited me to sit and play tunes with her and Jim Stanko and Paul Sidlick.  Listening to Paul’s gorgeous and tasteful banjo playing I felt hesitant to try and add anything to the mix.  He was gracious and inviting.  It might well have been the highlight of that weekend for me.

I like Kentucky fiddler John Morgan Salyer’s home recording of this tune from the early 1940’s.  Most people play this square both sides. On Salyer’s recording he adds an extra beat in measure 7 of the B part. Recordings of Salyer are available from Berea College.

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A music teacher living and working in the Boston area. Plays banjo in the band The Hi-Tone Ramblers. Teaches banjo, guitar, piano and a few other things.

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  1. “Simply different” arrangements keep me returning to your postings. Would love to be able to purchase your tabs. (late starter and tabs are easier for me) Hope you publish an e-book soon.

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